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14 Things to do in Cabanyal

Things to do in Cabanyal

Cabanyal is one of the most beautiful and historic neighborhoods in Valencia. It was originally a fisherman’s village until 1875, when a great fire caused its inhabitants to build new houses in the existing neighborhood grid. In 1993 it was declared a Bien de Interés Cultural (Good of Cultural Interest) by the local government.

It’s a lively, artistic area that is brimming with culture, history and hospitality. It represents the mixed heritage that is so ingrained in Spain’s DNA. This neighborhood is an all year round attraction.

Here you have a bucket list of things to do at el Cabanyal:

1. Go see a play at Teatre El Musical

This local neighborhood theater hosts a flurry of different theatrical, cultural and artistic activities that are sure to please those with a refined taste.
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2. Take your kids to Teatro La Estrella

This theater offers puppet shows that are a perfect for the children. Treat your kid and your inner kid as well.
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Teatre El Musical, Cabanyal

3. Eat a giant bocadillo at La Pascuala

Bodega La Pascuala is a culinary institution of Valencia, famous for its giant bocadillos. Founded in 1921, it’s a pilgrimage spot for those who love their almuerzo, the Spanish version of brunch. Try the Super, their notorious horse meat bocadillo.

4. Take a walk and discover the façades

The neighborhood’s façades and various antique buildings are famous for its unique colorful ceramic decorations and display of traditional architecture, perfect for an Instagram moment.

Cabanyal colorful

5. See a concert at La Fabrica de Hielo

Cabanyal is quickly becoming one of the hippest neighborhoods of Valencia, because of its modern cultural offers and attractive new businesses. LFH is one of them. The renovated factory is a burgeoning center of music, performing arts and parties. They host a different events everyday. Enjoy one of their plans or just swing by for a drink or a bite.
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La Fabrica de Hielo

6. Go surfing on the beach

Because of it’s soft winters (8 degrees celsius is the lowest registered temperature in February), the Malvarrosa beach is surfable all year round. There are numerous surf schools that will rent out equipment and give classes for beginners.

7. Bask in the easter festivities

Being a historically traditional catholic country, Cabanyal hosts one of the most distinctive Easter (called “Holy Week” or Semana Santa in Spain) celebrations , featuring processions and special masses. There’s even a museum for these festivities, the Museum of the Semana Santa Marinera de Valencia.

Semana Santa Marinera de Valencia

8. Visit Veles e Vents

Named one of the best destinations by the Guardian in 2018, this ultra futuristic structure right besides the marina is home for a bar, restaurant and art space.
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Veles e Vents Valencia

9. Eat a typical Valencian meal

Eat a paella or seafood platter at one of the many restaurants in the Cabanyal area, such as La Pepica or Ca La Mar. It’s proximity to the beach guarantees freshness on all sea products. And remember, in Valencia a paella is always for lunch…locals can recognize tourists when they see them eat rice for dinner.

La Pepica paella Valenciana

10. Take a bike ride on Paseo de Neptuno

Having sun all year round means any day is good for renting a bike and enjoying a ride, especially in this beachside boardwalk. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can comfortably bike for 20-30 minutes to Port Saplaya, a small town nearby with a marina, beach and restaurants.

Port Saplaya

11. Bar hopping/Clubbing

Cabanyal is known for its mix of relaxed bohemian vibes and traditional valencian culture, which can be seen in it’s variety of venues. If you’re looking for something fancy go to Gabbeach, Vivir Sin Dormir or Akuarela. If you’re feeling more alternative, No Hay Nada Mejor Que 27 Amigos, La Carbonera, La Casa dels Bous or Work In Progress are good choices.

12. Go to the Cabanyal market

Get a glimpse of a real market where locals do their groceries. Mingle with the shop tenders who will be happy to give you tips on how to cook their products or enjoy a tapa at the market bar.

Mercado del Cabanyal

13. Visit the Rice museum

As you may have noticed, rice is a deeply ingrained aspect of the valencian culture. In this museum you can learn about how rice production became industrialized and how it used to be processed before the Industrial Revolution.
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14. See an Art Exhibition at Las Naves

Las Naves is a burgeoning public cultural center that champions innovation in art, design and culture. They host activities all year round, which include: art shows, concerts, workshops, etc.
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Things to do Cabanyal, Valencia

Click on the image to see large version of the Cabanyal map.

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