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Must-See Art Museums of Valencia

Planning Your Tour

The best way to experience Valencia’s art and museums, in a limited time, is to mark your must-see venues on a map. Start with your top choice and then move from one to the other with as little travel time as possible. Experiencing two lesser-known spots is often better value than spending extra time in a bus or taxi.

Must-See Art Venues


Art museums Valencia - IVAM, Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno

The IVAM (Institut Valencià d’Art Modern) has a permanent display of abstract sculpture by Julio González, and another one of impressionist paintings by Ignacio Pinazo. It’s worth it to see the work of these two artists alone, but there are also temporary exhibitions for added variety if this is not your first trip to the gallery.

IVAM offers free admission on Sundays (normally €6), is easy to get to from almost anywhere in Valencia, and the surrounding area, El Carmen, is rich in street art and local character.

Guillem de Castro 118
46003 Valencia

Bancaja Cultural Center

Art museums Valencia, Bancaja Cultural Center

The Bancaja Cultural Center is a privately-owned museum with access to a very large collection of notable works. The instalments change regularly, but it isn’t uncommon to see works by Sorolla or even Picasso. The museum focuses on Valencian and Spanish artists, so whatever is on display, you will see a glimpse into the artistic genius of the area, both past and present.

You can see the place in an hour or two and admission is free, but be sure to check the opening hours to avoid frustration.

Plaza de Tetuán 23
46003 Valencia

Museo de Bellas Artes de Valancià

Art museums Valencia, Museo de Bellas Artes

If your tastes are more for traditional and classic works, visit El Museo de Bellas Artes de Valancià. The collection of Baroque, Romantic and Renaissance works includes pieces by Van Dyke and Goya, as well as local painters, including more than forty carefully curated pieces by Joaquín Sorolla.

San Pío V 9
46010 Valencia

City Museum (Palau del Marqués de Campo)

Art museums Valencia, Palau del Marqués de Campo

For a taste of Valencian art from the fifteenth to the twentieth century, try this set of permanent installations housed in a former palace. All works are by lesser-known or unknown artists, and the variety serves to give a good sense of the trends and phases or art movements in the area over the past five centuries. There are also free guided tours (in Spanish only).

Plaza de Arzobispo 3
46003 Valencia

Veles e Vents

Art museums Valencia, Veles e Vents

On the edge of the marina in Cabanyal is the Veles e Vents, a modern multi-purpose building that includes Amstel Art, a space for contemporary culture and artistic creation. Installations and performances change regularly.

Marina de Valencia
Muelle de la Aduana
46024 Valencia

Del Carmen Cultural Center

Art museums Valencia, Del Carmen Cultural Center

The Del Carmen Cultural Center focuses on contemporary and regional art, and since the instalments are all temporary, there is something new to see each time you visit Valencia. The collections include works by both current and past artists, so there is something to be enjoyed by modern and traditional art lovers alike.

Carrer del Museu 2
46003 Valencia

And many more…

Valencia is truly rich in art and history; these suggestions just scrape the surface of a rich cultural heritage, ready and waiting for you to experience on your next trip to beautiful Valencia.

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